Stair Banisters

Stair Banisters

Stair banisters, also known as balustrades, compose what is often thought to be the signature feature of any great entryway or foyer: the staircase. Done well, the staircase becomes a functional work of art, often made of fine woods expertly turned. At Westfire, stairs are all we do. After over 25 years in the business, many of them spent building stairs ourselves, we understand what goes into a stunning staircase.

We Carry Every Look You Need

If your client is looking for a thing of beauty in their staircase, then Westfire can supply all your needs. Our banister components come in a variety of styles, from Colonial to Craftsman, Hampton to Sheraton, as well as a wide selection of woods. Our select-grade standard wood selection includes red oak, which is the preferred standard for staining; white hard maple; poplar, which is best for paint grade; hemlock; and American cherry.

We also do a lot of business in custom woods, offering exotic varieties such as birch, alder, mahogany, and Brazilian cherry. Our custom orders usually take three to four weeks to ship, but can often leave in just two. Everything else we offer is stocked and ready to go, so contact us today and it ships tomorrow. We're ready and willing to accommodate all your stair part needs at Westfire.

In our years of stair building, we installed over 430,000 staircases, so we're honored to now serve the trade from a supplier's viewpoint. Call us and we'll talk about your project. If you need help assessing floor plan layouts with elevation, or code compliance, we're happy to help. We look forward to working with you.



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